Jared Kushner's White House connection still being used to lure Chinese investors

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 24, 2017

Kushner 's document is an updated version of one released four months ago and details previously undisclosed holdings that constitute some of the couple's most valuable assets as well as new federal disclosures from his wife. A huge loan from Deutsche Bank.

First daughter Ivanka Trump or her trust made at least $12.6 million from her various business ventures since early 2016 and will make at least $1.5 million per year even as she serves in the White House, according to an ethics disclosure. Between them, the couple disclosed assets worth at least $269 million, the forms show. Most of these assets are real estate investments.

But they still control assets worth at least $139 million, along with another $66 million, at minimum, of assets that are tied to Trump's stakes in her fashion brand, the Trump hotel in Washington and other real estate projects, according to the filings.

Also on the list are a quarter of million dollars Kushner had in Israel Bonds.

Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, on Friday filed an amended financial disclosure that reflected his family's sprawling real estate holdings - and the approval of the federal Office of Government Ethics. Kushner signed the loan as a guarantor, but his lawyers argued there was no need to report the loan to the ethics office, since it does not include a repayment requirement by Kushner.

"Ivanka's financial disclosure form is still in the pre-certification stage, as she began the process later, but discussions with O.G.E. are proceeding in the ordinary course". Kushner now holds a temporary security clearance and is being evaluated for a making it permanent.

The same goes for Ivanka Trump, who replaced her performance-based payment in the Trump companies with a more modest fixed payment of $1.5 million a year. That included salary and severance from the Trump Organization of $2.5 million, another $2.4 million in hotel- related revenue, and a $787,500 advance from Penguin Random House for her 2017 book, "Women Who Work". This arrangement was meant to ensure that decisions taken by Trump as adviser to the president do not impact her own personal income. While they have no say in the day-to-day operations of any of the companies, they still profit off of them. She'll continue to earn more money from her stake in Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Jamie Gorelick, an attorney advising Trump and Kushner on ethics matters, released a statement to the Times. The disclosure was revised 39 times since it was initially filed on March 9. Ethics experts have explained that frequent revisions are not uncommon for government officials coming from the business world.

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