Thousands without water until Monday evening in northeast

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 23, 2017

Thousands of householders and businesses in the Republic of Ireland are still without water on Sunday due to a burst water main affecting parts of County Louth and County Meath. "The extended timelines have now exhausted storage reservoir capacities and have resulted in restrictions to water supplies to many urban areas".

The leak occurred on Friday morning and has continued over the weekend.

Louth County Council says that the burst water main is causing a "significantly reduced supply" to the Drogheda area but that a specific effort is being made to maintain supply to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital.

Irish Water said the burst main was supplying raw water to the Staleens water treatment plant in Drogheda.

Louth County Council has said that several parts of Drogheda that are now without water will have their supply restored later this afternoon or this evening.

The burst occurred on Friday morning and according to Irish Water, works to fix the water main have proven to be more hard than first anticipated, and has led to disruption to the water supply over the weekend.

Alternative water supplies are available at Bóthar Brugha, Ballsgrove shops (beside bring banks) and Shop Street, North Quay, among other locations, according to Irish Water.

"Customers must bring their own containers to avail of the water and are advised that water must be boiled before consumption as a precaution".

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