YouTube's built-in video editor is going away in September

Geronimo Vena
Luglio 22, 2017

Those are YouTube's video editor and photo slideshow tools... Users on the forum pointed out that the online Video Editor was the only way to edit video on a Chromebook.

YouTube on Thursday announced that its Video Editor and Photo slideshows tools are being retired on September 20.

The closures mean that YouTubers will increasingly have to turn to third-party tools to cater for their video editing needs, also there are still some basic options available in the Video Manager. You will no longer be able to see your projects though, only the published videos. The company cites limited usage of the two features as the reason for the discontinuation.

You can download your own videos from YouTube in 720p or use Google Takeout to retrieve your original files, in case you are looking to remix your uploaded videos into a new video. But in the support page, they mentioned that there are many free and paid 3rd-party tools that people can use to edit their videos before uploading.

YouTube does state that even though the video editor and photo slideshow tools are going away, the enhancement feature will live on. It is pointing to the Creator Community and Creator Hub for more information.

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