Two Quebecers on the Cavalia show jailed in China for marijuana use

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Luglio 22, 2017

MONTREAL-Radio-Canada is reporting that two employees of the equestrian touring show Cavalia have been arrested in China for alleged marijuana use.

The two men would have suffered in the July 14 screening tests used to detect the consumption of marijuana, according to Radio-Canada. They had just finished a performance in Beijing. "All I can tell you is that recently, Chinese representatives have contacted us to ask if we were willing to buy airplane tickets to quickly repatriate them in Canada, and of course we are", spokesperson Eric Paquette told the BBC.

"At this point, our hope is that the repatriation process unfolds rapidly".

Cavalia did not want to give any more information.

"We can confirm that it provides services and support", he said.

The federal government has not wanted to speak more about the way in which it was learned that two canadian nationals have been in contact with him.

Chinese police regularly conduct random drug checks at bars and nightclubs and offenders may be arrested or even deported from the country. There were a number of arrests of members of the show's technical team, including two Quebecers who are still in prison.

China's drug laws are very strict, and trafficking large amounts of drugs can lead to a death sentence.

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