Elon Musk: Government gives Hyperloop verbal OK

Paterniano Del Favero
Luglio 22, 2017

Mr Musk, the outspoken chief executive of electric auto maker Tesla Inc and rocket company SpaceX, champions developing magnetically levitated hyperloop trains that would travel in airless tunnels.

Officials in Washington and NY said they had not approved any project, and under federal rules Musk would need extensive environmental and building permits to mount such an ambitious project.

If tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has his way, it will take only 29 minutes to commute between NY and Washington one day, traveling on ultra-fast trains underground. That trip now takes a little under three hours on Amtrak's high-speed Acela Express.

An alternate version of the Hyperloop has been brought upon by The Boring Company which aims to develop a series of interconnected underground hyper loops to ease congested traffic above ground.

By travelling in vacuum tubes on magnetic cushions, hyperloop trains would avoid being slowed down by air pressure or the friction of wheels on rails, making them faster and cheaper to operate, supporters say.

Facing a barrage of skepticism, Musk, who has been known to over-promise in his announcements, clarified: "Still a lot of work needed to receive formal approval, but am optimistic that will occur rapidly", urging people to lobby their representatives.

President Donald Trump in March met with Musk, who raised the Boring Company idea then, White House officials said.

"This is news to City Hall", tweeted Eric Phillips, a spokesman for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, in response to Musk's tweets.

The Hyperloop Alpha concept was first published in August 2013, proposing and examining a route running from the Los Angeles region to the San Francisco Bay Area roughly following the Interstate 5 corridor.

Mike Dunn, a spokesman for the city of Philadelphia, said Musk also has not contacted officials there. Musk also talked about his plans to launch a mission to Mars.

At the very least, the tweets showed Musk is still engaging with the White House.

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