Woman's tweets about 'nightmare' feet incident on flight go viral

Paterniano Del Favero
Luglio 21, 2017

Jessie Char initially thought she had scored the best seats on the flight when her row was empty.

"My two favourite people to sit with on a plane", she tweeted, with a photo of her aircraft empire.

She then posted the photograph of the two feet with the hyperbolic comment: 'Today, I flew on the set of a nightmare'.

That quickly changed, thanks to the freaky thing that happened next: A pair of feet appeared from the row behind her.

Char talked to PEOPLE about it. "It was writhing around on one armrest and there was a significant amount of toe wiggling".

Char told her Twitter followers that the flight got even worse.

But the horrifyingly gross ordeal didn't stop there, if you can believe it. Ms Char claims the foot actually reached over to open a window.

A San Francisco woman tweeted her dismay after boarding a JetBlue flight when the passenger behind her stuck her shoe-less feet through the gap in the seat.

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