Whispers of Harris for President Circulate at Hampton Donor Party

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 20, 2017

Take it to the bank.

A woman of color with a background as balanced and extensive as Harris's would restore much needed representation and progress to the White House following four years of Trump.

"She's absolutely going to run". But the same Democratic donors and leaders who got behind former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and former President Obama at a fundraising event earlier this week expressed optimism in freshman California Sen.

Harris has certainly emerged as a fresh, relatable face with powerful charisma.

"There's a big hunger out there for somebody new and different", Bill Carrick, a Democratic consultant for former Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Calif., who was Harris' challenger in the last senator race, told The Hill.

"People are looking for champions". But Willie Brown, to paraphrase Oscar Levant, knew her before she was a virgin.

Since November, Harris has become one of her party's biggest draws: She has raised upwards of $600,000 for Senate candidates in recent months, and she recently raised $227,000 in an email for MoveOn.Org, according to sources close to Harris.

There has been persistent speculation about a possible run from Harris, given her background, her political victories as a former Attorney General of California and now US senator, and her strong fundraising ability.

"Kamala has come to embody what's next for our party", LaBolt said. "She comes to Congress with enormous credentials - a law enforcement official with a smart approach to taking on bad actors and protecting consumers".

But that voice has also raised the hackles of Republicans.

And Harris has only continued to raise her profile by speaking out against President Trump and asking tough questions during Attorney General Jeff Sessions' Senate Intelligence Committee hearing.

She seemed to give a hint of a White House run on the night she was elected when she addressed supporters at the Exchange club in downtown Los Angeles. "We are a great country".

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