Mira Opens Pre-Orders for $99 AR Headset Prism

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 20, 2017

While the whole concept does seem odd, the company itself is not without support having raised $1.5 million in a seed round from an eclectic range of investors including Sequoia Capital, Troy Capital Partners, S-Cubed Capital, Salesforce Chief Executive Officer Marc Benioff, musician and tech investor Will.i.am and Jaunt VR founder Jens Christensen. Mira opened up pre-orders for its headset Tuesday, and wants to ship first units to developers this fall, with consumer sales being planned for the holiday season.

The virtual reality realm has Google Daydream and the Samsung Gear VR covering off the mid-tier for anyone looking for quality virtual reality content on a modest budget. Not only can friends see the AR experience of the Prism user with Spectator Mode, but it also allows them to capture videos or photos of the AR experience.

The remote features a touchpad, trigger, and two buttons. Interested developers can create sophisticated, multiplayer experiences that extend interactions beyond the screen and can easily publish their work to a mass market reaching millions of mobile users.

Mira, which was founded by three students-Ben Taft, Matt Stern, and Montana Reed-from the University of Southern California's Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy, has been developing its AR headset for some time now.

In a statement, Mira Co-Founder and CEO Ben Taft called the device "a bridge between the physical and digital worlds".

"As developers, we wanted a way to build and experiment in AR without the need for expensive equipment, and as AR enthusiasts, we wanted the opportunity to play and explore without limits".

Powered by the Unity 3D game engine, Mira's software developer kit (SDK) will be available for download, enabling creators to develop unique experiences or re-tool existing assets for use on the Prism headset.

Those who tested the new Prism augmented reality headset had generally positive reviews. The company's Mira Prism headset can now be pre-ordered for $99.

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