Love Island 2017: Sam Gowland and Georgia Harrison are DUMPED

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Luglio 20, 2017

After news of an impending eviction was revealed to the Islanders, Montana confidently declared that it would be Gabby and Marcel Somerville who were likely to leave.

A snap showing the Scouse lad and Gabby celebrating his graduation has gone insane on the internet and even encouraged dedicated Love Island fans to start a campaign to get Ethan into the villa.

The iTV2 show brought back it's iconic feature, where they hooked up the girls in the villa to a lie detector, and their male counterparts got to bombard them with some light-hearted questions (we're looking at you, Kem), and some brutal, scathing, relationship-shattering questions (we're looking at you, Chris).

Georgina added: "She has been caught out with Marcel and the girls - if you can be two-faced like that towards the girls then you can't trust that she's honest about her feelings towards Marcel". "There was definitely some people that had my back but it was, basically really cold", she said.

Despite Marcel's constant dropping of the group's name in the Love Island villa, Ollie insisted that band weren't thinking of reforming initially.

Amber adds: "I didn't understand why you wouldn't just say it out loud, why would it be done over text?"

Gabs defends herself: 'I don't want to have any confrontation with anyone, I hate it.

'I came out with a girl this time, I've gone in and got a girl and I want to see where it goes, ' he said.

Ok we have 9 days to get Gabby's brother on Love Island.

But Marcel being the gent he is was quick to make her feel better. "That's why today got today me so much because I hadn't had a chance to say it to you yet".

She says: "Honestly, I was so gutted because not even just for myself but for Marcel".

"I come to the fire pit and ask for advice and we already know what had been said in the test and what questions I failed on and then I felt like [you kept reminding me.] I was like, 'Guys I know that, I'm trying to fix this, I'm trying to move forward.' I felt like it was dig, dig, dig and I felt like I had no one".

She adds: "I felt like it was dig, dig, dig and I felt like I had no one". "If that's what she wants to say to people then the end of the day, I know who my real friends are in here".

'Love Island' airs nightly at 9pm on ITV2.

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