Amazon introduces an Instagram-like social shopping feed

Geronimo Vena
Luglio 20, 2017

We've asked Amazon for further info and will update this story if they respond.

The app within an app is aimed at improving product discovery. Now the company is taking a different approach with a new feature called Amazon Spark.

Amazon Spark is now only available on mobile (you can find it in the "programs and features" section of the app) and while anyone can browse the feed, only Prime members can post.

To access Amazon Pay Places, you'll need the Amazon mobile app. Customers can use the feature to post stories, ideas, and images of products they love.

"When customers first visit Spark, they select at least five interests they'd like to follow and we'll create a feed of relevant content contributed by others".

The feature is now only available on the Amazon mobile app.

Interest categories in Amazon Spark. Amazon's magic will connect the image directly with the ability to purchase.

Although Spark is built in to the Amazon iOS app, it looks strikingly like Instagram.

Into that feed go photos and text that other users with the same interests have posted. Then Amazon will start streaming a feed of products and images related to the things you shop for and are interested in. Publishers retain creative control, and are free to link to whichever products they choose, the spokeswoman said.

In this way, Amazon Spark could be seen as something of a Pinterest competitor, as well, but the actual format for the service is a feed-style interface - which is why the comparison with Instagram seems more apt.

"Various photographers and travel influencers popular on social networks such as Instagram have also posted to Spark with a "#sponsored" disclosure in recent days, many tagging high-end photography equipment for sale. Once tapped, bubbles with tagged product names and prices pop up over the image.

This is likely to be big in fashion, if someone posts their holiday snap with a shoulder bag that you love then you won't have to search in order to buy one for yourself. A shopping bag icon appears on photos when items are available to buy.

By giving shoppers a direct link to merchandise, Amazon is creating a seamless experience between Spark and its digital shopping platform.

The Seattle-based e-commerce giant on July 19 launched "Spark," a social media feed devoted to sharing, shopping - and slightly stealthy advertising.

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