The Wolf Among Us Season Two Might Be Announced at Comic-Con

Rufina Vignone
Luglio 19, 2017

However, that has not happened until now- the important words in that sentence are "until now". Fans of the original may just get their wish too, as this week, Telltale is said to be unveiling details on The Wolf Among Us Season Two at a San Diego Comic-Con panel.

It's worth pointing out, however, that Harrington retweeting Telltale's tweet doesn't necessarily mean the announcement at Comic-Con will be related to The Wolf Among Us. Which is, you know, pretty telling, since it's not like he retweets everything Telltale tweets. Seeing as this game not being revealed and the title following typical Telltale naming conventions, it's expected that this is a new season in the series. Telltale uses a lot of the same voice actors for different projects and Harrington is no exception. That being said, he has taken part in other Telltale series, having played LeChuck in Tales of Monkey Island, Kroger in Tales from the Borderlands and most recently Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series.

After all, it could quite easily be something tied to one of their many other properties like Game of Thrones, Batman, Borderlands, Minecraft or one of the many other games in the Telltale portfolio.

SDCC would also make a great event to announced The Wolf Among Us Season 2, because as VG247 have noted, "SDCC would also make for a great platform to announce the game's next season, seeing as it's based on the Fables comic books".

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