Mets fans boo Christie after he catches foul ball

Rufina Vignone
Luglio 19, 2017

At first, the ball sailed a few rows past Christie before taking an awkward bounce back, allowing the New Jersey governor to make an impressive left-handed grab. The conference is put on by the Greene Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to finding, developing, and promoting strategies for increasing upward mobility in America.

Chris Christie attended the New York Mets and St. Louis Cardinals game on Tuesday night and ended up catching a foul ball.

Once the crowd realized it was Christie who caught the foul ball, boos started heavily ringing throughout the stadium.

Christie, dressed in a suit, was minding his own business at Citi Field in NY, taking in the game when opportunity struck.

Aside from the booing, did anyone catch the best part of the video, which was the end? He's facing an all-time low in approval ratings after photos showed him basking in the sun on a closed beach during a government shutdown earlier in the month.

Chris Christie may be able to snag a foul ball, but he sure can't catch a break.

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