Four-player co-op is coming to Titanfall 2, free

Geronimo Vena
Luglio 19, 2017

As Respawn explains on their website, Frontier Defense will be included in Operation Frontier Shield, the free Titanfall 2 DLC drop next Tuesday. It's a four-player co-op mode that's much like other horde modes, although this one will, of course, feature Titans. As you fend of waves of enemies, you'll earn currency that you'll use between waves to purchase extra defenses, things like batteries, arc traps, sentries and more. Titans will also be able to earn new Aegis ranks from completing Frontier Defense matches.

Following the most recent update that added a third weapon slot to Titanfall 2, the developers at Respawn Entertainment are continuing to incorporate post-launch content into the first-person shooter, with a forthcoming patch set to add a new mode called Frontier Defense, as well as two maps. Today, a brand new cooperative multiplayer mode was announced: Frontier Defense hits a week from today.

Long sight lines and tight quarters dictate the battle in this abandoned desert reservoir. As with all Live Fire maps, Township is quite compact, with a few modularly constructed houses serving as cover. There are a few extra goodies as well, including new warpaints for Titans. Windows and rooftops decide who controls the map, but dense interiors can always hold surprises.

There will also be new Frontier Titans Warpaints, which also grant an XP boost.

For Pilots, we're also introducing Elite Weapon Warpaints, custom-designed Warpaints for specific weapons that drastically change the look of your favorite firearms. These will be available in a bundle until August 28, but they will have to be purchased individually after that.

Even if it is familiar, Frontier Defense should serve as a nice respite from intense PvP matches (and as a bonus for folks who bought the game exclusively for its campaign). You can see all of the new cosmetics below.

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