Ryan Phillippe hospitalised after 'freak accident'

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Luglio 18, 2017

Actor Ryan Phillippe has posted a picture of himself laid up in a hospital bed with a broken leg following what he calls a "freak accident".

Ryan Phillippe is in the hospital after injuring his right leg.

Phillippe posted the photo on Monday to "shoot down" rumors he severely injured himself on the set of his hit United States of America series, Shooter.

Though he sported an understandably grim look on his face, he also offered a thumbs-up for the camera, as well as a reassuring caption: "I'm going to be ok & i appreciate your concern".

"You know, it's a tough show to shoot".

Phillippe typically performs his own stunts in his physically strenuous Shooter role, but as he explained on Twitter, he wasn't on set when he injured his leg. "I will keep you updated on my progress".

"We kind of really push it to the limits".

"I said, 'I want that to be the calling card of our show, '" the star recalled. "It's exhausting. I've got bruises", he continued. "But I was approaching it like a football season, and I'd heal up after we finished".

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