Police release last text from girl electrocuted in bathtub

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 18, 2017

The last photo sent by the 14-year-old girl who was electrocuted while using her cell phone while in the bath has been released.

Experts say that extension cords make the situation more unsafe because water could be on the floor, where the extension cord is also lying.

Her parents agreed to release the photo of the text to help warn other people about the danger of using anything plugged into electricity while in a bathtub or around water.

When her father entered the bathroom of his New Mexico home, he found Madison unresponsive in the water, with her mobile phone plugged into a power point on the wall. Additional investigation was conducted by the Criminal Investigations Division of the Lovington Police Department and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. While the child took precautions to keep the connection of the cords dry, it is believed she was not aware of a significant area of fraying to the extension cord.

Police released the last text Coe sent, likely to a friend, showing a picture of her cell phone's charger plugged into an extension cord outside the bathtub. "It's not uncommon for her to spend two hours to two and a half hours in the bathtub", explained her stepmother, Felisha Owens. The teen was the number one chair with her tuba in her school band and was also a basketball player.

"The bathroom is a place for showers and personal time and your phones don't belong in the bathroom".

Madison Coe bathtub death text
PH FATEFUL The text Madison sent shortly before her death revealing the peril she was

Her grandmother Donna O'Guinn revealed that the school girl was left with "burn marks" on her hand from where she touched the device.

"She was such a bright, vibrant, very intelligent, loving, caring young lady", O'Guinn-Downs said. 'She was just sweet to everybody and everybody loved her'.

"This is such a tragedy that doesn't need to happen to anyone else".

In a statement obtained by EverythingLubbock.com, Lovington police said officials preliminarily ruled Madison's death an accident due to electrocution.

Her friends and families started a GoFundMe campaign to cover her medical and funeral costs.

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