Destiny 2 Beta Will Test Backend Systems and PvP Balance

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 18, 2017

During the Destiny 2 beta, you'll have access to each of the new subclasses: the Dawnblade Warlock, Arcstrider Hunter, or Sentinel Titan. The beta will come to a close on July 23. So what will be included in the beta, what issues can you expect to be present in this early build and what time do servers open? Whereas the beta for Destiny 1 gave fans a lot to do, Bungie had a lot more to test with that beta.

The Destiny 2 beta kicks off this week and if you want to hop into the early access portion, you'd better pre-order sharpish.

Multiplayer: You'll get access to a new game type called Countdown as well as a classic game mode, Control. If you haven't yet purchased the game, you can find the game through the PS4 or Xbox One store when the open beta releases.

The Destiny 2 beta begins on July 18 for PS4 and July 19 for Xbox One, and will have a PC beta in late August. One of the most notable additions is a soccer field with functioning goals, allowing players to play a few games in their spare time.

Players may experience a variety of networking error codes when attempting to play the Beta.

Location names sometimes do not appear during Crucible gameplay.

Destiny 2 is one of the most anticipated games right now and it is scheduled to arrive in on September 6 this year.

Players may sometimes be placed at the beginning of the Inverted Spire Strike Activity when joining in progress.

For Sony, the strong anticipation for Destiny 2 translates into a massive opportunity to strengthen sales of the PS4.

Sandbox balancing is still taking place: some weapons or abilities may have higher or lower damage than intended.

Not all content has been localized in all languages.

Before that can happen though gamers will get a chance to try the title early thanks to a week-long beta that starts this week.

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