Zuma instructs justice minister to look into black lawyers' concerns

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Luglio 17, 2017

"We also encourage all arms of state and all spheres of government to prioritise and empower black lawyers, particularly women".

"Should a black lawyer now get appointed to become a judge, they will not be able to judge issues which they were not exposed to, so we want to be exposed to all level of legal work", Sigogo said.

"The legal fraternity is one of the key sectors that we are targeting as part of our radical socioeconomic transformation programme in order to correct the uneven and unequal racial and gender representation in key sectors of our society and in the economy", said President Zuma.

Earlier on Friday, BLA urged Zuma to urgently set up a commission of inquiry to establish why they are sidelined on the lucrative South African government's numerous court cases, which they say are specifically given to white attorneys and law firms.

About 40 BLA members, clad in their black robes, protested against the government's alleged disregard of black legal practitioners in its briefing patterns and distribution of legal work.

They also asked Zuma to give a directive to all state departments, state owned enterprises and municipalities to issue briefs and distribute legal work in line with economic empowerment.

"Even if you are briefed with them, they still receive more money than Black lawyers and women lawyers".

The BLA said the memorandum was directed at Zuma because he was the head of state, and the state was the biggest consumer of legal services in the country.

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