USA considers sanctions on Chinese companies over North Korea

Paterniano Del Favero
Luglio 17, 2017

The Council of the European Union strongly condemned North Korea's missile test as it poses a serious threat to worldwide peace and security, it said in a statement.

China Dawn Garment, spelled Garmet, in Dalian, China, was named among the targets of the proposed secondary boycott, along with nine other Chinese firms that engage in the metals trade and mining: Dandong Zhicheng Metallic Material and Rizhao Steel Holding in Shandong.

United States officials said the ship is plying the waters about 100 miles off the coast of Alaska in worldwide waters, arriving there before this week's Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense test, which saw a missile launched from Kodiak Island, Alaska intercept another missile dropped from a military plane over the Pacific Ocean.

North Korea gets most of its fuel from China, with some coming from Russian Federation. Cooperation between Russian Federation and China on the North Korean crisis has strengthened, as both countries strongly oppose a preemptive US military strike against Pyongyang.

North Korea's ICBM is likely a deterrent, nothing more, as actually firing one off would be suicidal.

As for the US government under President Donald Trump, the report noted that the administration places importance on security in the Asia-Pacific region.

North Korea's ground force must also be taken into account.

In addition to deepening its engagement with Seoul, Russia has used diplomacy to press North Korea to desist from further aggression towards Japan and South Korea.

Both South Korea and its allies, the United States, claim this isn't true. But Russian analysts think that Kim knows that any offensive use of these weapons would result in a nuclear counterstrike by the United States, killing him and destroying his country.

China announced in February the suspension of coal imports from the North, striking a blow at a major source of income for the hermit state. Russia's expanded involvement in the Korean Peninsula means that Moscow's clash with Washington over North Korea is unlikely to abate in the near future. -China negotiations because it can also be used to track Chinese missiles, raising their concern about US military encirclement. "Knowing what happened to Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, whose fates are proof that bluffing is not a wise policy, North Korea has created a nuclear and a missile program...." Ahead of the much-anticipated G20 summit meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, Tillerson argued that diplomatic dialogue could help ease the growing chasm between Washington and Moscow on North Korea.

New cooperation between Beijing and Moscow could further complicate US efforts to curtail Pyongyang.

In addition to demonstrating that Moscow can advance constructive solutions to global crises, Russian Federation has expressed strident opposition to Washington's North Korea strategy to strengthen its relationship with China. US officials have said a military solution isn't off the table.

But customs administration spokesman Huang Songping said Beijing was upholding the United Nations sanctions against the regime of Kim Jong-Un.

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