Oculus Rift Finally Addresses Budget Conscious Consumers

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 17, 2017

The budget-friendly price of Oculus Rift's latest VR hardware addresses the declining market share of Facebook's Oculus VR division. The Korea Portal reported that the price ranges of the Oculus Rift are from $300 to $350. However, Oculus will reportedly release a second-generation version of the "Pacific" headset that will offer positional tracking functionality.

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is said to be producing the device with a Snapdragon mobile chip from Qualcomm powering the headset.

That's according to Bloomberg, which claims that the so-called Oculus "Pacific" will bridge the gap between entry-level smartphone based VR - exemplified by Google Carboard - and high-end headsets that need to be hooked up to an expensive PC with a thick wodge or wires in order to function. The hardware also works without much fuss.

A virtual reality headset price war is about to break out with Facebook reportedly planning to release a cut-price Oculus headset that will cost just $200 - or around £155 in the UK. However, the new headset will be available next year and aims to make a new category for the virtual reality industry.

On the other hand, an Oculus spokesperson also told Bloomberg: "We don't have a product to unveil at this time, however, we can confirm we're making several significant technology investments in the standalone VR category".

Facebook acquired Oculus in 2014 for about $2 billion.

Nevertheless, the design and features of the new headset aren't finalized. If the new device strikes a chord with VR enthusiasts, it could help the tech company gain market share in the industry. The device will reportedly carry the Xiaomi branding in China, with Bloomberg noting that former Xiaomi executive Hugo Barra was recently hired as Oculus' VR boss. But overall, the sources were confident that the standalone headset from Oculus will be more powerful than the Samsung Gear VR.

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