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Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 17, 2017

Though DHS officials said they had no information on whether Trump companies would apply for any of the extra H2Bs, his properties have in the past hired foreign workers that way.

The Trump administration announced Monday an increase in seasonal worker visas that U.S. resorts depend on, but the move halfway through the summer is unlikely to alleviate a nationwide shortage.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said this is aimed mainly at better tracking visa overstays and also at tightening security.

Jessica Vaughan, policy studies director at the Centre for Immigration Studies, said those kinds of rates should force a rethink at the State Department, which issues visas, and should spur immigration officials to put more effort into deterring and deporting overstays in the U.S.

"After consulting with the secretary of labor, Secretary Kelly determined that there are not enough US workers who are willing, qualified and able to perform temporary non-agricultural labor to satisfy the needs of some American businesses and that these businesses will likely suffer irreparable harm if they can not hire more H-2B workers in fiscal year 2017", a senior DHS official said on a press call. It's a new requirement to access the visas under Trump's "America First" administration.

Earlier this year Congress voted to allow Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly to offer more than the annual limit of 66,000 such visas.

DHS said the government has created a new tip line to report any abuse of the visas or employer violations. "They were part-time jobs".

Businesses that take advantage of the H-2b visa program have to attest under oath that they will suffer irreparable harm if they can't get the temporary foreign workers.

"This is yet another example of the administration and Congress failing to keep the Trump campaign promise of putting American workers first", he said.

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