Mom recreates Beyoncé's baby announcement photo with her own twins

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Luglio 17, 2017

Sharon Kellaway from Kilworth saw the picture and made a decision to have a go at something similar with her five-month-old twins, Senan and Zoe.

One Irish mom made her own rendition of the photo Beyoncé released with her 1-month-old twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, this week on Instagram.

And after her best friend shared the photos on Twitter, Kellaway's impromptu photoshoot went viral.

She said of how amusing she found the "Single Ladies" singer's original photo; "I just wanted to take the mickey as she looked so unrealistic".

In a glorious picture that is typically Beyonce, the new mum cradled her son and daughter while dressed in a flowing purple gown and a light blue veil.

More from the photo shoot. "I initially tried to take it myself in the kitchen but couldn't manage, so I called my older children". While Sharon was chatting with her friend online and posted her baby pictures on social media. "Then they asked me to make my posts public and it spiraled from there", Kellaway added. Sharon Kellaway chose to strike a similar pose of a floral photo shoot that of Beyonce. "When my six-year-old came in, I grabbed a veil from her dress up box and a pink baby blanket and she snapped the shot".

The pictures have really impressed people on Facebook with many sharing comments on Ms Kellaway's post. She said "I happened to have a quiet moment in the afternoon so I made a decision to take a picture with my twins for the craic", she said.

An Irish mother who recently gave birth to twins tried her hand at replicating Beyonce's latest photoshoot - and the results were. well, almost there.

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