HOME DEPOT Fires 70-Year-Old Texas ARMY Veteran After Confronting Shoplifters

Paterniano Del Favero
Luglio 17, 2017

Jim Tinney was sacked from his job after he tried to stop shoplifters from taking off with thousands of dollars' worth of tool kits.

While at his Home Depot job in June, veteran Jim Tinney saw three men carrying tool sets worth thousands of dollars to the checkout line. He said they seemed nervous.

"One of them hollered 'lets go!' and they all grabbed their kits and started heading out", Tinney said.

Tinney says doing the right thing has guided him pretty well in life. "I just automatically went like this and threw the stick at their feet".

About two weeks later, Tinney, who thought the incident was behind him, learned that his altruistic actions would cost him his job.

Tinney said that the store training says not to confront shoplifters, but that his reaction was just a reflex.

Home Depot spokesman Stephen Holmes said that Tinney was terminated because he violated the stores' policy.

"We have a strict policy that only our trained security personnel can pursue and engage shoplifters. We've had deaths and serious injuries over the years, and no amount of merchandise is more important than the safety of our associates and customers".

Tinney said he understood the policy, but still thinks the punishment doesn't fit the crime. That's pretty strong, ' he said.

The veteran says he's having trouble getting a new job. I need to work, and I needed that job. I enjoyed working with customers figuring out what they wanted to do.

Holmes referenced previous incidents during which employees were bitten, stabbed and suffered serious brain damage following encounters with suspected shoplifters.

"It's a very serious safety risk to everyone, even when it doesn't appear to be", the statement read.

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