Google Maps tells you the best time to start your journey

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 17, 2017

Google has incorporated a new feature to Google Maps which will tell users the best time to leave for a destination.

Pretty neat, especially when the difference in bar heights in the chart is significant, indicating you will travel much faster within the time slot that Google has chosen for you. This latest feature is an innovative update from point of view of its basic mapping technique.

With the new addition, users will definitely be able to get a rough idea regarding the best time to travel to their destination in the day and can accordingly make adjustments.

This new feature appears to be live for all users, at least on the Android version of Google Maps. It pops up when you input directions.

First spotted by Android Police, this new Maps feature is something that nearly everyone can find value in. Google has made a new bar in the Google Maps app, alongside time and distance bar, showing one the relative time to reach the destination.

There's no word yet when Google plans to bring this to iOS but it shouldn't take long.

Google Maps, Google's most interesting and exciting feature, provides navigation assistance to people around the whole world, who are traveling from one place to another or are traveling in an unknown terrain.

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