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Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Luglio 17, 2017

The Hollywood icon - who passed away aged 60 in December 2016 after suffering cardiac arrest - will make her last outing as Princess Leia in the upcoming eighth instalment of the popular sci-fi franchise in scenes filmed prior to her passing, and the movie's director Rian Johnson believes her performance will offer "emotional satisfaction" to her legion of fans.

Carrie Fisher's role in "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" is set to offer "some kind of catharsis" for fans of the late actress.

Johnson was speaking with Good Morning America at Disney's D23 Expo when he revealed that the title's significance has a certain meaning, but that the meaning could change over the course of the film.

Sinéad Grace, from Tourism Ireland, said that previous shots of Skellig Michael, in the last Star Wars film, did a "huge amount" for the area.

The director went on to add that while he's doesn't know if Leia's story in The Last Jedi wraps up nicely per se, it "emotionally gives some kind of catharsis.it gives some kind of emotional satisfaction". "I think my ears have now gotten used to it, but the experience of it all. you never get used to it", he explained.

"Given that though, I think there are scenes that she has that are going to mean a lot to people. I know for me it does". It's tough to talk about without getting into the story, but for me, I guess what it ultimately comes down to is that first question of, 'What is the deal with Luke Skywalker?' Luke and Rey are kind of the beating heart of the film, I guess, [as is] their relationship. He knows his friends are in trouble.

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