Arika's EX Fighting Game Brings Back Skullomania

Geronimo Vena
Luglio 17, 2017

Back in 1996, Capcom threw its famous World Warriors into the realm of 3D. All three are back in a new game that may or may not be a new Street Fighter EX.

Although for now, the title has no official name, Arika refers to it as The Mysterious Fighting Game and at the beginning of the video, the letters EX are appreciated so many times assuring that it will be a new installment of the Street Fighter EX series. For one reason or another, that never came to pass.

Arika showcased a new fighting game at EVO 2017 featuring cast members from their Street Fighter EX series, it's powered by the Unreal Engine. But sometimes even jokes have more substance than we realise, this "joke' is now being turned into a game".

Arika stated that "This game will be the newest entry in the EX Series".

The trailer for the next fighting game of Arika presents some characters pertaining to the games of the series of Street Fighter EX like Kairi, Hokuto, Garuda, Skullomania and Darun Mister. The company released a glossy looking trailer (see below) for a new fighting game which unfortunately ended up being a very elaborate April Fool's joke. It's also known that the game will launch in North America, Europe and Japan.

At the end of the year there will be a beta test for the game for PlayStation 4 owners. In addition, the studio has promised to reveal new details about the presale and the extras for those who will pre-order the game in advance.

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