'Game of Thrones': Three Reasons Jamie Will Kill Cersei

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Luglio 16, 2017

"Game of Thrones" fans have been holding out hope that Michelle Fairley will return to the series as Lady Stoneheart before its Season 8 end. They don't, however, agree on who will do the killing. She performs the ceremony and it works - Jon Snow breathes again.

Tyrion is now her Hand of the King, or Queen in this case.

Season seven of Game of Thrones is nearly upon us, the first batch of images for the first episode having been released by HBO. It was told to her by a character who lived in the woods and is known as Maggy the Frog. As Cersei destroys the Great Sept, her only surviving child King Tommen kills himself by stepping out of his window. Maggy predicted three things. First it was Cersei, then Joffrey, then Ramsey Bolton. But basically, the Night King and the Three-Eyed Raven are archenemies from the beginning of time. All three of them would die. Maybe it will be someone you never saw coming?

There has been much debate about the identity of her valonqar, which is the Valyrian word for "little brother". During her imprisonment, Tyrion Lannister - along with the invaluable eunuch Varys - rules the city of Meereen in her place, trying to prove his loyalty. The prophecy says "the valonqar", not "your valonqar", and The Hound is the younger brother of The Mountain.

If you're more of a reader, you can check out this thorough breakdown from Ed Power at The Telegraph, or read through each season's summary at the Game of Thrones wiki. But Lena Headey (who plays the equally scorned Cersei Lannister) said it's always a compliment when someone hates your character, because hopefully then you've portrayed them well.

A third reason that Jamie will likely be the one to kill Cersei doesn't have anything to do with prophecy.

Diana Rigg as Olenna Tyrell in "The Game of Thrones".

There are many potential candidates for the Prince That Was Promised (and none of them are Stannis Baratheon, sorry dude) - with most folks believing that the reincarnated hero will be Jon or Daenerys, or a combo of both, seeing as how both of them have been "reborn" in one way or another. Technically, the throne is still up for grabs, despite Cersei's fiery takeover last season. Will they go to battle before they find out they can be allies?

In an interview with Time, Martin, the mind behind the fantasy novel series that inspired one of television history's most watched shows, talked about Beric Dondarrion (Richard Dormer), the Lord of Black Haven, who has been revived by the Lord of Light a total of six times. This would make him the Queenslayer. Given time, she could probably play kingmaker in any country or world she chooses, but she's not quite there yet. As it turns out, he was killed all those years ago on that ranging north of The Wall and brought back as a wight by the White Walkers, but the Children of the Forest used Dragonglass to restore his mind.

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