PETA sues to get monkey rights to selfies it took

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Luglio 15, 2017

Now, Slater is apparently struggling financially, the costs of the ongoing court battles all but draining his coffers.

In 2015, PETA sued British nature photographer David Slater and San Francisco-based self-publishing company Blurb for using a monkey's selfies in the book "Wildlife Personalities".

The photos were taken on a Britsh photographer's camera.

The selfie in question occurred in 2011 when Mr Slater was travelling to Indonesia to take photos of macaques. "If everybody gave me a pound for every time they used [the photograph], I'd probably have £40m [~$52 million] in my pocket".

"I know for a fact that [the monkey in the photograph] is a female and it's the wrong age", Slater tells The Guardian.

Slater says he now doesn't make enough money to pay income tax, and is "seriously on the verge of packing it all in".

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