Golden girl Cockroft dominates in London

Rufina Vignone
Luglio 15, 2017

And on Friday, lining up in her first event of the championships, she powered her way to glory in the 100m by setting a new world record with a time of 17.18 seconds.

"London has faced a hard time in recent weeks", he said.

"Rolling out on to the track, the amount of support you get when people recognise your face, you can't describe it".

Wheelchair racer Hannah Cockroft was emotional and victorious after rekindling memories of London 2012 with a dominant victory on the opening night of the World Para Athletics Championships.

"It does get your heart beating a little bit and it is scary going out there".

"I really wanted to cry before I had even started the race".

"It's incredible. We haven't had this level of support since London 2012 and it really is like coming home".

Victory Cockroft winning T34 gold in Rio last summer
Victory Cockroft winning T34 gold in Rio last summer

"I've still got two races left..."

For those used to seeing the stadium sold out for every session of the London 2012, it is hard not to feel underwhelmed witnessing it just over a third full.

Outside, volunteers clad in fluorescent pink polo shirts did their best to recapture the gleeful mood of London 2012.

The build up has been darkened by the death of Abdullah Hayayei, an athlete from the United Arab Emirates, who had been due to compete in the F34 javelin and shotput.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan addresses the crowd inside the London Stadium before the competition began.

"One ideal antidote to this hatred and sorrow are events like this one", he said. "London will always be a beacon for equality and respect".

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