Marion County schools will do away with homework

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 14, 2017

Maier announced Wednesday that elementary school students in her district in Marion County, Florida will no longer have homework.

About 20,000 students from 31 different schools will reap the benefits of the new rule - but there are a couple of catches. "Instead of working on classroom assignments at home, we want students reading at home for 20 minutes every evening, and we want you to read with them".

While science projects and the occasional research paper might be assigned from time to time, homework for elementary students in Marion County is dead for now.

The research was conducted by Richard Allington, a University of Tennessee professor of Theory and Practice in Teacher Education.

"Kids who do homework, don't produce any better than kids who don't do homework", Allington told WJHL in 2016.

"What we want to happen is for that child to choose a reading source that they're really interested in".

Apart from the study that Maier based her decision on, there have been several reports in the past that have shown that children in elementary schools do far more hours of homework than is originally recommended.

News 6 reached out to the surrounding public school districts to see if they would consider a similar ban.

This is not the first time in elementary school has done away with homework.

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