Love Island's Chris has been praised by a mental health charity

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Luglio 14, 2017

Following her comment, the model was branded "vile", "callous" and "selfish" by viewers, as Twitter was swarmed with support and praise for Chris, who previously admitted he had overcome a crippling battle with anxiety and panic attacks.

But it looks like things might be getting even worse before they get better, what with Olivia telling everyone who'll listen that she wants to recouple with Muggy Mike, and hence dump Chris from the villa in tonight's episode.

Chris has had a relatively tumultuous stint in the villa after entering the show as a late arrival last month and kicking off a romance with Chloe Crowhurst before splitting shortly after and coupling up with Olivia.

Fury was sparked earlier this week when pictures emerged of contestants Montana, Amber, Tyla, Gabby and Olivia heading into a luxury salon in Mallorca, Spain, but bosses have poured cold water on claims the show is "fixed" by revealing that the stars are allowed to leave the complex but they are chaperoned at all times to ensure they don't talk to the public.

The charity Signpost reacted following a blazing row between Chris and Olivia, during which Olivia nastily told him "Don't cry again because that's the whole reason we're in this situation".

Later on during the show Chris was seen talking to camera about his sadness over the split and shed a few more tears.

One wrote on the social media site: "Where was Chris during the striptease?" Imagine his poor mother watching him there crying #loveisland.

"She doesn't know if you like her because you've been so weird".

"I want Chris to stop crying and Olivia to fuck off #LoveIsland. can't believe Liv blamed Chris" crying for their break up. like wtf.

In October, before finding TV fame, Chris took to Instagram to detail his battle with anxiety and panic attacks which he faced in 2013 before seeking help.

Montana decides she needs to give Chris the heads up: "I've heard a piece of information and you need to speak to Liv. Can only thank one man for that, David Crees, a cognitive hypnotherapist, based in Cheltenham and his company is Ethical Minds". Don't hesitate for help when it's there, that blokes a genius'.

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