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Luglio 14, 2017

However, among all the dragons and deaths, author #GeorgeRRMartin is particularly bummed about one big change from his novels. After Cat had her throat slit, she was tossed into a river, never to be heard from again.

And hey, who knows?

"At some points, when [showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss] and I had discussions about what way we should go in, I would always favor sticking with the books, while they would favor making changes", the bestselling author told TIME.

It's been a very long wait for new episodes of Game of Thrones, which returns to HBO with a seventh season this Sunday night, but now fans will have a new way to enjoy the fantasy world and characters created by George R.R. Martin. "That was probably the first major diversion of the show from the books and, you know, I argued against that, and David and Dan made that decision".

Martin has done everything possible to avoid finishing his masterwork, instead letting Game of Thrones producers D.B. Weiss and David Benioff pen the final arc for the series main characters.

This, it would seem, is pretty solid evidence that Lady Stoneheart is NOT going to make an appearance in the show, even though she's a fan favorite of the books' readers. Catelyn is then resurrected by Lord Beric Dondarrion and takes command of the Brotherhood Without Banners to take revenge on everyone who is loyal to the Lannisters. But both of them are equally valid, I think, because Catelyn Stark is a fictional character and she doesn't exist.

"In my version of the story, Catelyn Stark is re-imbued with a kind of life and becomes this vengeful wight who galvanizes a group of people around her and is trying to exact her revenge on the Riverlands", Martin said.

'Partnering with Quidd allows Game of Thrones fans to have a whole new type of digital experience, ' says HBO's Jeff Peters.

Would you like to see Lady Stoneheart on the show?


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