Exclusive first look revealed of Adnan's daughter

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Luglio 14, 2017

A few days after Medina's birth, Adnan revealed that she was named after the city of Medina, which embraced Prophet Mohammed when he was forced to leave Mecca. For now Daady shared adorable pictures on Twitter saying, " It gives me great pleasure in sharing the photos of our beloved daughter Medina with you.may God bless her always". However, Adnan and Roya can't wait to bring their bundle of joy to Mumbai. Both Roya and I always wanted a daughter and she is already my lucky charm. The world is awe-struck with her cuteness and predicts that a new star is definitely in the making. "Whenever I would hear about the incredible relationship between a father and a daughter, I would tell myself, 'Hota hoga. aisi kya baat hai?' But only after experiencing it myself did I realise how really lovely it is", the singer was quoted. "(It might be possible, what's so great about it?)' But only after experiencing it myself did I realise how really lovely it is". "So, I felt that Medina was an apt name for my baby". She has attractive blue eyes like her mother. "And she can not sleep without music, so she has inherited that from me", Sami replied.

Adnan added that he has been singing all kinds of songs and lullabies to his new-born daughter. But Adnan had made it clear that Medina is still a Hindustani and that he'll apply for her Indian citizenship soon. I sing her all kinds of songs and lullabys. "There are once in a lifetime moments". I'm enjoying and cherishing every moment.

Adnan Sami, a Pakistani singer, got Indian citizenship in December 2015. "It's very important to do that", Adnan was further quoted. "That is something I will do proudly for my children".

Medina was born earlier this year, on May 8, in Munich, Germany where Roya's family is based. "When I bring her to India, we will complete the necessary formalities", Sami concluded.

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