People on Twitter think Nicki Minaj is pregnant, and it's very suspicious

Geronimo Vena
Luglio 12, 2017

Nicki also liked a number of tweets saying she was "giving birth" to her upcoming album NM4.

"BABY ON THE WAY????" one fan replied.

However, in her most recent outing, the 28 year old doesn't look like she is with child.

As some have noted, the baby emoji could be symbolic, rather than literal.

"I sent her a song. By the fifth album, I will have walked down the aisle and I will at least be on baby number one, possibly baby number two", the "Regret in Your Tears" artist added. "I always said, 'When I have my baby, it's going to be all about my baby.' I don't want the child feeling like they don't have all of my attention, so I always said, 'I'm going to take a little break.' But we'll see".

But many of her followers were more concerned by the fact having a baby could delay Nicki's release of her next album, .

The shot in question arrives during Nicki's second verse in the song, where she calls out Papoose (by name) for what she believed to be ghostwriting on Remy's fiery "shETHER" diss track.

"He's so dope", Minaj told DeGeneres.

Minaj, who is known for teasing her fans before making a big announcement, has not posted on Twitter since the baby emoji tweet.

"He's the king. He is the King of Queens, and I'd like to think I'm the Queen of Queens".

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