RUMOR: Nick Fury May Indeed Return For 'Captain Marvel'

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 8, 2017

The report did not preclude Fury appearing in an earlier film, such as Avengers: Infinity War.

The actor first appeared as Avengers architect Fury in 2008 film Iron Man, with the character making appearance in several more Marvel Comics flicks, including Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Did you know that future Captain Marvel star Brie Larson attempted to be a pop star before her acting career really took off?

Filming is expected to start on the film towards the end of the year.

The expectation would be that Jackson's role would be large enough to be mentioned for crew recruitment.

Several months ago Jackson suggested he would be interested in returning to the role, telling WeGotThisCovered: 'I'm always open and game.

Jackson has been vocal about not appearing in the MCU - particulary Black Panther - as Jackson argues how could Nick Fury not know (or appear in a movie) about an African superhero. He is now slated to appear alongside friend and collaborator Brie Larson in the 2019 movie she will be headlining, Captain Marvel.

In the comics, Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers) is an all-American girl who dreams of becoming an astronaut.

Nick Fury, meet Carol Danvers.

Larson and Jackson have worked together in the past, including in this year's Kong: Skull Island as well as in the upcoming movie Unicorn Store, which is Larson's directorial debut.

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