Prison Brawl Leaves 28 Inmates Dead in Mexico

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 8, 2017

'The incident began because of the constant dispute between rival groups inside the prison, ' Alvarez said.

In one of the worst outbreaks of violence in the country's troubled penal system in recent times, the massacre comes just as US Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly is visiting Guerrero - known for its opium poppy production - in Mexico's southwest.

The riot began early Thursday among inmates in the Las Cruces Prison's maximum security wing who were jailed for federal offenses.

Guards said some of the victims had their throats slit, according to an internal state police report. Heredia also said that the governor has ordered an investigation which will include focusing on prison staff.

Relatives gathered outside the prison after hearing about the riot and called for information about those they knew.

A report issued last month by Mexico's governmental rights agency said numerous country's prisons are unsafe, overcrowded and understaffed.

The killings at the prison exemplify the most recent increase in violent crimes.

As per the Guerrero state security official, Roberto Alvarez, the fight broke out between rival gangs in presence of the maximum security wing of the prison.

The fighting continued during the morning until state law enforcement, with the help of federal police officers and military personnel, were able to surround the compound and force their way in.

At a penitentiary in Monterrey, northern Mexico, in February, rival drug gangs were at the center of a brawl that left 49 inmates dead and several more injured. He stated that the violence had been contained after the police took control of the prison and no detainees had escaped.

After the Monterrey riot past year, the authorities found dozens of knives, cocaine and flat-screen TVs inside, highlighting the control drug cartels had over the prison.

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