Malala wants people to join her in the fight for girls' education

Bruno Cirelli
Luglio 8, 2017

The 19-year-old has always been an advocate for women's education - but at a personal cost.

In her first three hours on Twitter, Yousafzai has quickly garnered more than 140,000 followers and her first tweet has been retweeted roughly 27,000 times.

Malala Yousafzai joined Twitter Friday, and started it off with an impressive seven part thread to talk about herself and what she is fighting for.

Nobel Peace Prize victor Malala Yousafzai took to the ubiquitious social media platform on Friday morning with her first six posts timed to the day of her high school graduation. But Yousafzai miraculously survived the attack, and, following specialized treatment in both Peshawar and the United Kingdom, has continued her efforts to fight for increased access to education for girls.

"I enjoyed my school years, and I am excited for my future", she wrote in her blog. "I was able to continue my education when the situation in my hometown got better, but I will never forget how it felt to have my future taken away from me".

Such was the case when Microsoft co-founder and global philanthropist Bill Gates welcomed Malala Yousafzai to Twitter on Friday with a tweet.

More than 130 million girls are out of school - but the reasons they are denied an education vary between communities and countries.

She also tweeted about her ongoing #GirlPowerTrip, which began in April.

She later founded the Malala Fund to raise money for education for the world's poorest children.

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