Fox host Charles Payne suspended amid harassment claim

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Luglio 8, 2017

Fox Business Network's Charles Payne was suspended Thursday while the network's parent company, 21st Century Fox, investigates sexual harassment allegations against him, the network confirmed Friday.

Payne admitted to the extramarital affair on Wednesday, in an interview with the National Enquirer, apologizing to his wife and children for his indiscretion. She also claimed that her Fox appearances were reduced after the relationship was over.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the allegations were made by a guest who appeared several times on Fox News and Fox Business Network programs.

Hughes is best known for her pro-Trump appearances on CNN during previous year, when she made a string of gaffes, including referring to Molotov cocktails as "Mazel Tov cocktails".

Payne claimed that the Los Angeles Times reached out to him for comment on the allegations but did not publish his response in the article outing his suspension.

In June, Payne signed a multi-year contract to continue as host of "Making Money".

But she also told her lawyer that she had stayed in the relationship because she thought he would help her land a permanent position at the network, sources told the Times.

Although The Times declined to name Payne's accuser, The Huffington Post identified her as Scottie Nell Hughes.

It goes without saying that sexual harassment charges have become an ongoing problem with Fox News and have led to the ouster of far more significant figures than Payne. A Fox spokesperson said that an investigation has begun into the accusations and Payne's conduct.

The development came exactly a year after a sexual harassment scandal at Fox News first burst into public view with a lawsuit against Roger E. Ailes, the network's former chairman.

As of now, Payne's lawyer Neal Koval, has claimed that the host denies having had any sexual contact with Hughes, yet the case is still under investigation.

Yet another sexual harassment complaint against a powerful employee of 21st Century Fox!

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