Woman livestreams herself eating poisonous plant

Barsaba Taglieri
Luglio 4, 2017

People on the internet are known to do many weird things, and the latest addition to this has to be Chinese vlogger who accidentally poisoned herself and live streamed the entire incident.

The 26-year-old woman, surnamed Zhang (pix), chomped down on two waxy green leaves that purported to have various health benefits when eaten raw.

Agave Plant looks slightly similar to aloe vera but it is harmful for human consumption, as per US FDA guidelines.

Is Agave americana a poisonous plant or am I allergic to it?

In the video, Zhang initially bites a bit of the huge sheet, but after the second bite, she realizes something is wrong.

She was reportedly hospitalized and had her stomach pumped but is in stable condition.

The naive blogger was live streaming while taking the first bite, she said "This is great!" she then says "Oh, that tastes bitter".

She was later rushed to the hospital when she started breaking out in blisters. Agave plant pulp contains calcium oxalate crystals, acrid oils, saponins, and other compounds which irritate the human body. Overdose of aloe vera can have laxative effect. The aloe lookalike is also used in the culinary world but is extremely monitored proportions. People should exercise caution while watching videos about home remedies and should confirm with different sources before testing DIY techniques.

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