Katy Perry and Niall Horan joke about flirting rumours

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Luglio 3, 2017

When he stopped by Australia's The Project this week, he jokingly asked the "Bon Appetit" singer to stop being mean to him. They met while she was a judge on the "X-Factor," and he was just a 16-year-old kid hoping to one day be as big as Justin Bieber.

However, the pair have a long history of flirting with one another for all to see, with Niall previously making her to marry him over Twitter and Katy giving him a sly wink at the BRIT Awards in 2014. Dude may just want to be friends, but perhaps he might want to scale back his efforts a bit, lest he give ladies the wrong idea?

The 32-year-old singer recently claimed the "Slow Hands" hitmaker is always trying to flirt with her, despite Katy insisting she isn't interested in pursuing a relationship because of the nine-year age gap between them. "I guess that means I have taste?'" "She is just finding any excuse to just patronize me and go around spreading rumors about me."He continued on by saying, "I just want to be her friend".

Posing together for an Instagram story, Perry joked, "You're following me!" and captioned the clip with "Stage 5 Clinger".

This time Katy is calling Niall a "stage five clinger" and putting him on blast for appearing in nearly all the same places as she. Have you seen the movie The Graduate? That's kinda what this feels like. "I've got many years ahead for that".

"Katy has taken that and run with it and embarrassed me in front of the whole world", he added before qualifying, "I love Katy, she's great and we get on really well". "I could be his mum!"

Niall has had his eye on Katy for a while.

But Katy, for future reference, keep your list of potential secret admirers to yourself.

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