Trump holds first talks with Ireland's new prime minister

Bruno Cirelli
Giugno 28, 2017

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar will hold his first official phone call with US President Donald Trump later today.

According to CBS' Mark Knoller Trump waited for "at least 90 seconds" before Varadkar answered.

While there was no specific mention or congratulatory remark on Varadkar being the first gay Prime Minister, the call does represent a positive step forward in Trump's attitudes toward the LGBTQ community and his position with global nations at large.

"Congratulations on your great victory", Trump said to the Taoiseach.

According to a note of the conversation, they agreed to continue strong co-operation between Ireland and the USA on economic issues as well as shared cultural and family ties. I know so many of them, I feel I know all of them.

"But I just wanted to congratulate you; that was a great victory that you had".

"I totally reject and oppose President Trump's attempt to withdraw the United States from the commitments made in Paris", he said, in reference to the accord struck in 2016.

Thousands colour citys streets Dublin Pride

The pair also discussed migration, Brexit and the movement of goods and citizens across the border, climate change, free trade, Irish inward investment in the USA and the undocumented Irish, or illegal Irish immigrants, in the US.

They also discussed the North's peace process.

The Taoiseach said numerous illegal Irish in the U.S. had originally travelled on legitimate documentation but for a variety of reasons now needed to regularise their situation.

The call took place at 11.15 Washington, 4.15 Dublin.

Mr Varadkar's predecessor Enda Kenny invited Mr Trump to Ireland last March.

"I will not, of course, rescind that invitation".

"I will absolutely include in those meetings discussions of the issues...whether it is climate change, human rights, LGBT rights, and the need to respect Muslim people, whether they are citizens of our country, or another country".

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