How to downgrade iOS 11 beta to iOS 10

Bruno Cirelli
Giugno 28, 2017

Download the iOS Beta Configuration Profile (follow the on-screen steps: tap the iOS tab, then tap Download Profile, and tap Install). For the iPhone as well, iOS 11 brings with it a slew of new features, UI tweaks and improvements and refinements which make it one of the most comprehensive iOS updates yet. iOS 11 also lays the ground work for the future and opens up possibilities for augmented reality in games and apps.

It was only yesterday that I wrote of iOS 11's first public beta arriving this week, and a day later, Apple has delivered. There are still some security issues tied up to it though the Cupertino company has the luxury of time to address those. iOS 11 is likely to come out alongside the iPhone 8, tentatively believed to be in September. It contains an all-new Control Center, notifications work differently, drag and drop, and there's a new Files app. It's a small adjustment, but a necessary one since it's better to be asked to send your location than to just have the app take it.

With the current version of Flyover, Apple iPhone and iPad owners can explore big cities in a 3D perspective from a bird's-eye style viewpoint.

For the eager beavers, trying the crack out themselves with the public beta of iOS 11 could be possible.

The main thing you need to ask yourself is how much you rely on your device.

So, that was the iOS 11 installation guide for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. Tap and hold most of these apps and you'll see even more information (if you tap and hold the music player, for example, you can scrub through the song and view album art). Those are explained to you when you first fire up iOS 11 on your iPad. It means that those who are looking to give it a try can do so right now by downloading this public version from Apple's website. We strongly recommend installing on a secondary system or device, or on a secondary partition on your Mac. After the device restarts, head over to Settings General Software Update and you will see the public beta as an update just as you would any other iOS update.

This isn't hard to do, and is something you should be in the habit of doing anyway, but it's one more hurdle to pass.

Why Shouldn't I Upgrade to iOS 11 Beta 2? If you take a screenshot, you'll be able to mark up the page and share it or save it as a PDF. And if your device is at risk, that means all your data is at risk, including whatever Health data you might have on your iPhone. Just wait for the public release later this year.

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