Trump, Modi seek rapport despite friction on trade, immigration

Bruno Cirelli
Giugno 27, 2017

President Trump should also continue the trilateral strategic dialogue inaugurated in 2011. Admiral Mike Mullen, then the top US military officer, told the US Congress in 2011 that the Haqqani network was a "veritable arm" of the ISI. He has portrayed himself as an excellent deal maker, highlighted by the fact by the book he co-authored, The Art of the Deal. PM Modi will hold talks with President Trump and will discuss ways to strengthen the relations between the two countries.

For example, supported by Republican Congressmen and senators, he is leading the efforts towards replacing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) with the American Healthcare Act.

He says "there's nobody makes military equipment like we make military equipment".

"The planned 100 smart cities, the massive modernization of ports, airports and road and rail networks, and the construction of affordable housing for all by 2022 - the 75th anniversary of India's independence - are not just promises of great urban renewal within India". His administration is going through a steep learning curve.

The three-million-strong Indian-American community, which represents the best of both the countries, has played a crucial role in connecting and contributing to the two societies, Modi said.

Trump, according to The Art of the Deal, states that one of his key mantras is to "use your leverage". The two men rose to office by appealing to majorities who felt persecuted or overlooked - fundamentalist Hindus in Modi's case, and aggrieved white voters in Trump's. "The security partnership between the USA and India is incredibly important".

Writing in the Indian Express newspaper, columnist and editor Pratap Bhanu Mehta argued that Modi has already missed the big opportunity Trump's election provided: to make India a "normative exemplar" of liberal democracies now that the United States acts less and less like one. 70 years after independence, here we are. Infosys is building a tech hub in Indianapolis that will create 2,000 jobs. "Terrorists have themselves explained it to them", said Modi.

Pichai told reporters after the meeting that Google was excited about investing in India and that U.S. companies are looking forward to the roll out of the GST.

The Indian prime minister is most likely to push the Defence Technology and Trade Initiative that facilitates US arms technology transfers to India, Indian newspaper the Economic Times reported.

These energy contracts "are being negotiated and we will sign - trying to get the price up a little bit", Trump said.

"We also share an interest in ensuring that sea lanes - critical lifelines of trade and energy - remain secure and open to all", Modi said in an apparent reference to China's flexing of its muscles in the South China Sea.

The bilateral trade between the two countries totals about $115 billion a year.

Trump's "Buy American, Hire American" executive order has prompted a comprehensive review of H-1B visas, thus clogging Modi's funding stream of foreign-direct investments (FDIs) through the non-resident Indians (NRIs).

"Those were brought up and he said we'll look into that and try to see how we can address that", said the USIBC president. The US, on the other hand, is ranked way up at the top at No. 12.

Bezos' indication that Amazon's investments in India will keep rolling comes at a time when the company has completed four years of doing business here and cornered a sizeable chunk of the e-commerce market.

During his meeting with business leaders, Mr Modi also raised India's "business friendly" climate. Therefore, in its first formal high-level exchange between the United States and Pakistan under the Donald Trump administration, the U.S. national Security Advisor H.R. McMaster conveyed a strong message to Pakistani officials that there is an urgent "need to confront terrorism in all its forms". There is also talk of India agreeing to purchase F-16 fighter jets from the U.S., a deal that India resisted for many years due to the obsolete design of the fighter jet.

"So, there's job creation in the USA and job creation in India too", he noted.

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