Local ham radio club participates in national event

Bruno Cirelli
Giugno 26, 2017

Amateur radios can be used in emergencies when modern communication devices like cell phones may not work.

They typically will use electrical power from generators, wind power, or solar power.

Winona Ham Radio enthusiasts gathered on Saturday for the annual Field Day at Wincrest Park, and spent a day experimenting with electronics in a communication trailer.

The event was held in Martinsburg, but there are hundreds across the nation. "The ham guys on microphones can't do that". Whitley County "hams" will join with thousands of other Amateur Radio operators showing their emergency capabilities the weekend of June 24-25.

Amateur Radio is growing in the US.

"Hams are prepared to offer technical solutions and provide support for rescuers during times of national emergencies and natural disasters", Christovich said. He believes one of the reasons is because it has become simpler to get a license, which is acquired by passing an examination.

"Hurricane Katrina was a big showcase for hams, many of whom traveled to the South in a volunteer effort to save lives and property", Christovich said. To most, it sounds like a foreign language, but it's communication on a basic level. In order for a contact to be made there must be an exchange of information between operators.

Reap said there are also contests around the world to make worldwide connections through ham radio.

It's that reason, that events like field day are important, so operators can hone their skills for those times when they need them most.

"It's going really well", said club president Derek Hawk, "by about midnight we'd made a contact with every state in the USA, and we've made 575 total contacts so far".

Amiable and outgoing, Christovich should know because over the years he's been in the hobby he has connected with hams in more than 200 countries.

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