Latest Snapchat update reveals user location down to street level

Paterniano Del Favero
Giugno 26, 2017

Once users update the app, they will need to pinch the screen to open the new feature.

Snapchat announced a new feature this week that allows users to see where their friends are posting on a map.

A new location-sharing feature "Snap Map" introduced on Snapchat early this week has raised safety concerns among parents. Other Snaps, from non-friends, show up as ones being submitted to the Snapchat Our Story feature, which features curated videos and photos from the Snapchat community.

Once it is accessed for the first time, Snap Map can be turned on or put into "Ghost Mode", which doesn't share the user's location with anyone. This mode will remove the user's location from the map software.

Noticing that the new feature could be used for stalking, Police authorities in United Kingdom have warned parent's to turn off "Snap Map" on their children's phone.

Francis said there are a number of positives with the new feature.

She said it all comes down to checking in and monitoring what your kids are doing. According to a statement from Snapchat, the majority of interactions within the app take place between close friends and the company wants to assure its users as well as parents and educators how Snap Map actually works.

If you'd like to keep it active for certain groups like your family or friends who specifically live in your area, you can select the "Friends" option right underneath and adjust who can see your location.

"Snapchat is used by so many young people in Ireland who may be "friends" with people they don't actually know in reality and who in most cases, have not set their accounts to private or hidden from public. It's also not possible to share your location with someone who isn't already your friend on Snapchat".

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