Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Resigns

Paterniano Del Favero
Giugno 24, 2017

The list includes CEO, chief operating officer, general counsel, senior vice president of engineering, chief marketing officer and board chair. A number of other top execs, including its SVP of business, have also recently left or been pushed out.

To help Uber grow fast, Kalanick seemed to pick fights just about everywhere. "There are leadership vacuums in every key function".

Uber's new CEO will surely address the immediately pressing issues of filling out the company's dwindling leadership team and revamping its toxic culture. The leave was intended for him to grieve for his mother and work on becoming a better leader.

Kalanick had been seen as the driving force behind Uber despite a series of embarrassing missteps.

Neither Sandberg nor Uber commented on the media speculation.

Kalanick will remain a board member at Uber, and the company will search for a new CEO, according to Times.

He also quoted from a board statement saying that "Travis has always put Uber first".

Travis Kalanick was one of the main founders of Uber in 2009 and his departure was caused by a multitude of pressures within the company and personal difficulties.

Kalanick has been synonymous with Uber since its early days. But with Uber valued at $US70 billion ($92.6 billion), the risk was no longer worth it.

But that aggressive - some might say reckless - approach may have paved the way for Uber's recent controversies.

The company has been exposed this year as having a workplace culture that is rife with sexual harassment and discrimination, and has pushed the envelope in dealing with law enforcement and even partners.

"Clearly there was a awful workplace culture. bad enough for a lot of these people who are highly competent individuals to want to go", says Valerie Demont, a lawyer at Pepper Hamilton who represents companies undergoing restructuring.

June 7 - Uber fires exec Eric Alexander after Recode reports he obtained the medical records of a passenger who was raped by her Uber driver. The letter, titled "Moving Uber Forward", explicitly demanded that Kalanick abandon the position of CEO.

The company's hard-charging style has led to legal trouble.

"People are seeing how much loyalty they can get from their employees when they treat them as human beings", she told Bloomberg Television's Caroline Hyde. "Now is that time". He added that it's time for Silicon Valley to start thinking about diversity inclusion from "day zero".

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