Schwarzenegger talks climate change with French president

Bruno Cirelli
Giugno 24, 2017

"It's not a secret that there is not one single view on how globalisation can be better controlled", a senior European Union diplomat said ahead of the summit, on condition of anonymity.

Mrs Szydlo, who has come face to face with Mr Macron in Brussels today, accused Mr Macron of hostility.

That appears to be about to change under Macron.This week he dropped demands for President Bashar al-Assad to depart as a condition for any peace settlement in Syria and held out an olive branch to Russian President Vladimir Putin at talks in Versailles on May 29.Macron appears to be broadly aligning his foreign policy with the US priorities of tackling terrorism while seeking better ties with Russia, which he considers a long-term partner rather than a direct threat to Europe.Diplomats and officials say he is also seeking to shift policy by making clear his immediate aims are to weaken Islamist militants who threaten France from the Middle East and embark only on diplomatic initiatives that can bring concrete results. On whether he wants to show off his antipathy towards eastern and central European states in the media or talk about facts.

The written conclusions to the European Union summit that ended on Friday made no mention of the bloc's two largest trading partners, the United States or China, but both were in the background of its "free and fair" trade push.

But Europe has jumped on the bandwagon of Macron's stunning election victory over French far-right leader Marine Le Pen to trumpet a newfound optimism after years of austerity and crisis despite Brexit. Hungarian Prime Minister slammed that criticism by saying that Macron's first public appearance at the official EU level has not been very encouraging and branded him as a new boy into the European politics. "You can bet that the Middle East peace initiative we promoted for the last few years is dead and buried", said a French diplomat of global efforts to improve ties between Israel and the Palestinians.

"Countries like Portugal, Greece and Spain are eager to take Chinese money to get their heads out of the water", the source said. "This is not how it works here".

They also proclaimed their togetherness on climate change- especially after Trump pulled out of the Paris climate deal - counter-terrorism and trade issues.

He said: "Do you think I can explain to the French... that businesses are closing in France to move to Poland while... construction firms in France are recruiting Polish workers because they are cheaper?" Chancellor Angela Merkel's government called for greater scrutiny of Chinese purchases after a series of approaches, including for semiconductor supplier Aixtron SE. "On PESCO and the creation of the European Defence Fund, I want to thank the COM for the proposal", Merkel said echoing Macron. "Germany and France are completely on the same page".

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