Russia warships and sub fire cruise missiles at Syria: Moscow

Bruno Cirelli
Giugno 24, 2017

According to a Friday statement by the Russian Defense Ministry, the missiles were launched from Russian Navy frigates, the Admiral Essen and the Admiral Grigorovich, as well as a submarine, the Krasnodar, from the eastern Mediterranean.

The Russian Aerospace Forces have destroyed the remaining Daesh positions in Syria following sea launches of six Kalibr cruise missiles, the Russian Defense Ministry said Friday.

Command points and weapon and ammunition of ISIS were destroyed in Hama province of Syria, according to the state news agency.

Russian Federation launched its military intervention in Syria in September 2015 after an official request by the Syrian government for military help against rebel and jihadist groups. While global players are focused on targeting ISIS, many are maneuvering to either prop up or depose Assad and his regime.

Russian Federation this week said it thinks one of its airstrikes may have killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghadi, a figure who has evaded global forces for years.

The Russian strike comes days after Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) fired six medium-range ground-to-ground ballistic missiles into ISIS bases in Syria's Deir Ezzor on Sunday in retaliation for twin terrorist attacks in the Iranian capital Tehran, which killed 17 people and injured over 50 others.

When that proved unsuccessful, coalition aircraft performed "strafing runs" near the regime positions, which halted their advance.

Russian Federation has suspended its communication channel with the United States on military operations in Syria after a U.S. jet shot down a Syrian warplane on Sunday, with Moscow accusing Washington of failing to issue a warning.

The downing of a Syrian plane did not appear to have prevented Syria from attempting a similar bombing Tuesday, according to USA military officials.

The US official told CNN that another Syrian Su-22 fighter made an approach Tuesday in what the military assessed as a possible bombing run on the SDF near the same area.

According to the Russian MOD, the terrorists were attempting to leave Raqqa which is besieged by Kurdish militia of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the US -led coalition forces and head towards Palmyra using a "southern corridor".

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