Obama on Senate bill: It's 'not a health care bill'

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Giugno 24, 2017

The legislation met a wall of opposition from Democrats and initial skepticism among some Republicans, leaving Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell a narrow path to passage. But limits on Medicaid would be more severe, although they would take effect over a longer time frame. Last but not the least, when it comes to employer affordability mandate, the Senate Bill wants large employers to provide affordable coverage to most Americans. "That in turn will make the risk pool much healthier, which will also lower premiums".

The bill would bar using tax credits to buy coverage that includes abortions.

A vote on the bill could come next week.

But it preserves a key element of Obamacare, which allows parents to cover children under their plan until age 26. The president said the House bill was mean. Even if it passes, House conservatives will probably not go for the Senate version. Maybe their love for tax breaks and health care industry donors overrides their concern for people who will get hurt - including those who depend on Medicaid for mental health and opioid addiction treatment.

Supporters of the GOP reform say it gives flexibility for states to create plans that better suit their citizenry.

None of the conservative senators have said that they are going to oppose the bill.

"It looks to us like the Obamacare subsidies will remain in place and... we think that the spending actually may exceed Obamacare spending in the next two years". John McCain has said how he will vote. But, to be sure, he and McConnell have some work to do before the bill can be brought to the floor - possibly as soon as the end of next week ahead of the weeklong July 4 recess.

The most controversial aspect of the Senate proposal likely will be the cuts to the Medicaid program, which offers coverage to lower-income Americans.

Jack Reed and I were on the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee when we voted on over 160 Republican amendments to the Affordable Care Act.

Following the release of the proposal, protesters gathered outside Capitol Hill in Washington, while several Republican senators also seemed to echo Mr Obama's bipartisan pleas. NPR's Alison Kodjak begins our coverage. However, the tax cuts are very similar to those in the House bill passed last month, though some would be delayed to pay for more generous benefits.

"This current Bill does not repeal Obamacare".

Older people could be disproportionately hurt because they pay more for insurance in general. Avik Roy is a physician and founder of the conservative Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found that the House Bill would kick 23 million Americans off their health plans and the legislation is unpopular with the public.

AVIK ROY: The bill will encourage a lot more of those individuals to buy health insurance. Cruz said the legislation did not do enough to lower the cost of premiums.

"You know, healthcare is a very hard situation", Trump said.

That increased the pressure on Senate Republicans to keep Obamacare's preexisting condition "protection". But it then allows states to ask for waivers to opt out of that requirement.

Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia: "I will review the draft legislation released this morning ... to evaluate whether it provides access to affordable health care for West Virginians". "People are saying, where's the healthcare?" And GOP Sen. Susan Collins of ME reiterated her opposition to language blocking federal money for Planned Parenthood, which many Republicans oppose because it provides abortions.

Video and photos of the arrests quickly made the rounds on social media, including one striking image of a protestor in a wheelchair and breathing mask being escorted out by an officer.

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