Infant drowns in tub while mom distracted by Facebook

Bruno Cirelli
Giugno 24, 2017

Police say a Texas mother was messaging on Facebook while her 8-month-old daughter drowned in a bathtub last week, reports CBS DFW.

Stuckey told investigators that she placed the child in the bathtub with the water running and left the baby alone for only a couple minutes.

On Tuesday June 13, The Hernandez & Stuckey family suffered a tragic loss, Sweet Baby Zayla 7 months old, Gained her wings to beacome Our Beautiful Angel.

She attempted to revive little Zayla but said she "did not know how", investigators said.

Stuckey later found her daughter unresponsive, face-down in the bath.

During her interview with police, Stuckey said she had implicated herself in the negligence of her daughter's death by saying she left the infant unsupervised and became "distracted" by another child, Facebook messenger and a loud TV.

Emergency medical personnel arrived on scene and performed cardio pulmonary resuscitation, but were unsuccessful.

She is now booked at the Parker County Jail, where bond has not been set. Her bond has not been set.

The infant was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead after she could not be resuscitated. The autopsy report confirmed that the baby died from drowning.

Other children in the home were placed in foster care, although the number and ages of those children are unclear.

Interviews with investigators revealed that Stuckey hadn't told authorities everything that had happened, sheriff's officials alleged in the release, saying that under questioning "she implicated herself in the negligence of her daughter's death".

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