Al-Jazeera denounces demands for its shutdown

Paterniano Del Favero
Giugno 24, 2017

The United Arab Emirates warned Qatar Friday that it faces "divorce" from its Gulf neighbours unless it takes seriously a list of demands including the closure of Al-Jazeera television.

Worldwide desk - Four neighbouring states that boycotted Qatar has asked the country to comply with a list of 13-point demands, including cutting diplomatic ties with Iran, in 10 days.

Four Arab states now boycotting Qatar for allegedly supporting terorrism have sent the country a lot of 13 demands, according to one of the countres' officials who spoke to Reuters.

The list also demands that Qatar pay reparations to the four countries for damages or costs incurred because of Qatari policies, according to Reuters.

The list specifies that Doha sever ties to radical jihadist groups such as Islamic State, al-Qaeda and its branch in Syria, as well as Lebanon's Shia group Hizbullah.

The demand also includes a demand to shut down the Al Jazeera news network - and had given the country 10 days to comply with the demands.

It is not known if the demand to shutter Al Jazeera includes the beIN Media Group, which broadcasts sport and entertainment and was spun out of its Al Jazeera Sports channels. beIN acquired Miramax in 2016.

Since the onset of Qatar's isolation, Turkey has fast-tracked a decision to approve the deployment of troops to Qatar - part of an existing bilateral agreement but widely interpreted as a show of support for the increasingly isolated country.

"At the moment, there is no likelihood of bringing the matter back to the table", he said.

- Halt the development of a Turkish military base in the country. "The joint regional vision that Turkey and Qatar display are under attack".

Qatar has confirmed receiving the list Thursday from Kuwait, which is mediating the dispute, but has not yet commented on them.

She said, "any resolution or basis for discussion should be consistent with global law including human rights and worldwide humanitarian law as well as the U.N. Charter as all countries concerned are U.N. member states". I see it is a series of requests aimed at turning Qatar into a country dependent on Saudi Arabia, because all of them target Doha's political sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence. Qatar's government has said it won't negotiate until Arab nations lift their blockade. The 13-point list calls for Al-Jazeera and all its affiliates to be shut down.

More broadly, the list demands that Qatar align itself politically, economically and otherwise with the Gulf Cooperation Council, a regional group that has focused on countering Iran's influence.

On June 5, Saudi Arabia and the UAE led a severing of all links with Qatar for allegedly supporting groups, including some backed by Iran, "that aim to destabilise the region".

Cutting ties to Iran would be hard.

The Iran provisions in the document say Qatar must shut down diplomatic posts in Iran, kick out from Qatar any members of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard, and only conduct trade and commerce with Iran that complies with US and worldwide sanctions. Qatar shares a massive and lucrative offshore natural gas field with Iran. Their document added that compliance would be heavily monitored - once a month for the first year, every three months the second year and once a year for 10 years after that.

The demands aimed at ending the worst Gulf Arab crisis in years appear created to quash a two decade-old foreign policy in which Qatar has punched well above its weight, striding the stage as a peace broker, often in conflicts in Muslim lands.

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